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About Us


Caring Cubs is a 501(c)3 organization that hosts monthly service projects for young children ages 2 and up, designed to teach various lessons of social responsibility.  Our founders are a group of parents who were looking to volunteer with our kids, repeatedly met with the response that we should volunteer ourselves and just bring our kids along.  Our group, instead, plans events where the children themselves can participate in a hands-on activity, thereby taking personal pride in working toward a greater purpose.  Although many worthy organizations already exist that direct older kids to give back to community, we found that none of them were focused specifically on the very youngest members of our society, namely preschool and early elementary school students.  Hence, Caring Cubs was created to fill that void.  The idea is that it is never too early to begin teaching children about philanthropy — the key is to do it in an age-appropriate way.



Our Service Projects

Caring Cubs’ monthly service projects focus on a wide-range of topics geared toward very young children, from helping the disabled, the elderly, and the hungry to caring for the environment and animals.  Our focus is always on teaching lessons of social responsibility in a fun and playful atmosphere – we aim to teach our children valuable life lessons!  Click here to view our past service projects.


kaitlyn-and-card-2Our service projects typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours. We ask families to arrive on time so we can give instructions, to hear the speaker, and to participate in any programming. That said, we know that families with young children need flexibility. It is fine to step in and out; it is fine to leave early.  The projects are fun for the whole family and, although geared toward little ones, older siblings are always welcome.

Regardless of the recipient organization, the message is always age appropriate. For example, we talk about bringing smiles to people who are having a tough day. Our themes are kindness, generosity, and care. More detailed and specific literature about the bigger picture is always available to parents, but is not part of our presentations.


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Our Board

Katie Bell
Kristen Cash, Vice President
Heather Englander
Kerry Katz
Katie Montague
Shari Nacson, President
Ashley Sparks
Kelly Rudloff, Secretary
Kristin Schron
Rob Slonaker, Treasurer
Jennifer Stone

Our Founders

Halle and Josh Hara