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Making The Most Of It

15003468_1278063572215786_4589760129906567055_oBy volunteering as a family, you are taking an important step toward raising a person who will be sensitive to the needs of others, who will have a head start on the path of giving back to the community, and who will leave the world a better place than they found it.

Some of our service projects invite families to bring an item to donate (for example, a school supply drive). We design it this way so families have an opportunity to talk about the project in advance. As time allows, involve your child in choosing what to contribute — either going to the store or pantry together or offering three choices and following their lead as to which item to bring.

Many of our projects don’t have a donation component, but families can still prepare through conversations prior. Talk about why it’s important to you. Our project descriptions will give you an idea of the specific project and links to the organization we are supporting.

The educational value of Caring Cubs Projects does not have to be limited to the hour or two we are together.  Parents can take advantage of these projects to talk with their children and incorporate social responsibility into their daily reading routine. A list of related books is below.

Caring Cubs provides all of the supplies for creative projects at no expense to participants or the organizations we support.

Below is a list of children’s books recommended by local librarians that emphasize caring, kindness, giving to others, volunteerism, etc.  This is a great list, but is not an all-inclusive list.  Please email us ( if you have a recommendation for us to add to our book list!


Because of You By B.G. Hennessy

Being Cooperative By Jill Lynn Donahue

The Child’s World of Caring By Jane Blek Moncure

The Child’s World of Helping By Jennie Davis

Help By Susan Riley

How Kind! By Mary Murphy

Just Critters Who Care By Mercer Mayer

Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler By Margery Cuyler

The Kindness Quilt By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Paulie Pastrami Achieves World Peace By James Proimos

The Peace Book By Todd Parr

When I Care About Others By Cornelia Maude Spelman